Squash Court Construction Squash Court Installation

Sports Unlimited offers a turnkey solution for squash court construction that incorporates all aspects and features of the court. Our comprehensive full-service solution includes the design, materials and construction of the entire project to ensure that the squash court meets the highest standards in quality and safety.

Our complete solution includes:

  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Floors and Gamelines
  • Glass Walls
  • Consulting and Design Services
  • Doors
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

Squash Court Specifications

Squash court diagram

Squash court diagram



21' W X 32' L X 20' H

Rough Framing:






32' 2-1/4" from face of front wall studs to face of rear wall studs

21' 2" from face of left wall studs to face of right side wall studs

20' 2" from slab to bottom of ceiling joists

Download our Squash Court Blueprints and Technical Specifications >>

*Note: Above dimensions based on using FiBERESiN 1 1/8" 65#/CF density front wall panel and 13/16 inch panel: 63#/CF density side and rear wall panel. WSF certified courts use 1-1/2" FiBERESiN front wall panel and 1-1/8" FiBERESiN side and rear wall panel requiring appropriate framing dimension adjustments.

Minimum height requirements for International Squash is 18'6" from finish floor height to bottom of ceiling or hanging lights. We recommend a finished court height of 20'0".









Squash Court Flooring

Sports Unlimited uses Aacer Flooring simply because they are the most advanced MFMA floor manufacturer in the industry. Aacer is part of the Ort Company which owns over 90,000 acres of northern hardwood timberland, a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and 100+ years of experience.

As a dealer and installer of Aacer Flooring products, we are able to offer our clients a full array of high performance maple systems to meet your performance or budgetary requirements for the project. Structural stability, enhanced performance and safety are key features of the sports-specific engineering that is part of every Aacer sports floor system.


Squash Court Walls and Ceilings

Squash Court Walls

The Heart of our Sports Unlimited Racquetball Court System is the FiBERESiN Panel. The FiBERESiN panel is the first pre-finished playing surface ever designed and engineered specifically for racquetball, handball, and squash courts. It is a solid, rock-hard sheet of material that meets the rigid specifications and requirements demanded for these fast action sports courts. It is composed of high density particleboard cores and multiple layers of thermalset resin impregnated sheets that are molded in hydraulic presses under controlled heat and high pressure into sheets of varying thickness and density. During this process, laminate and board resins flow together to form a single sheet that is solid from face to face and from edge to edge. This combination of materials and the thermal fusing process produces a panel with the highest composite density, mass, and rigidity in the industry. A comparison of impact resistance, density, modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, and internal bond reveals the FiBERESiN difference.

View the technical specifications on FIBERESIN pre-finished court panel >>


FiBERESiN Door System

Squash Court doors

Historically court doors were barely large enough for players to enter and shots off the door were considered faults due to unpredictable rebounds. Limited volume and non-standard construction provided door manufacturers little incentive to build court doors. FiBERESiN, being the original developer of panelized court wall systems, accepted the challenge and developed "people size" door units that "play like the wall", are safe and require minimal maintenance. Compare FiBERESiN before you specify.


  • Door frame & stop solid 1-7/16" & 13/16" FiBERESiN.
  • Door 1-7/16" solid FiBERESiN panel. Edges sanded and painted to match face.
  • Exposed edges of stops and jamb painted to match face.
  • 1/2" Lexan® view window, or equal.
  • Full length piano hinge.
  • 4-1/4" Heavy duty pull ring, or equal.
  • Monarch 6100 series closer or equal.


Squash Court Glass Walls Systems

The glass walls required for a squash court may vary based on the design and visual requirements of the space. Sports Unlimited uses Doubleplay Glass Wall Systems by A Best Enterprises, Inc. because they are the premier glass wall systems and provide the latest technology for Squash courts. They offer a variety of glass wall systems that meet the unique needs of the facility, including movable walls and patented wrap-around hinges. All features of this elaborate system will contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the squash court, while maintaining the consistency and durability of the playing surface.

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Squash Court Lighting

Abolite Metal Halide Court Lighting

Squash Court Lighting  

Abolite Metal Halide Court Lighting

Sport Unlimited uses Abolite Metal Halide Court Lighting, an energy-efficient, high-performance indoor lighting solution. Abolite is committed to utilizing innovative technologies to produce high-value, specification-grade HID, fluorescent and LED fixtures for indoor sports.

Download the specifications >>

Squash Court Lighting  

H.E. Williams Fluorescent Court Lighting

We also use H.E. Williams Fluorescent Court Lighting. Its fully-enclosed spring-loaded cam latches allow years of hassle-free maintenance. It provides full room lighting and energy efficiency and is ideal for indoor courts.

Download the specifications >>

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